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Balinese Roasted Pig


Babi guling is a traditional balinese roasted pig. Balinese people making roasted pig for special occasion such temple ceremony,birthday and anniversary party and for business It's delicious and you should definitely try all of the different parts of it.
It is easy to get one anywhere in bali!
But how about making your own roasted pig ( babi guling?) this would be a truly unique experience! You can do it real Balinese style , with catching the pig yourself at the sty,killing it and cleaning it,or it can be done for you.
What you will do for sure is prepare and roast the pig in the fire approximately 2 to 3 hours with help of local.the process is very traditional ,but the final food is completely safe to eat since the pig is's impossible to eat the whole pig at on the time,even with several people so you can of course takes much as you want back with you,to eat the next day. You will be amazed how much better babi guling tastes if you were preparing the pig yourself.

Have fun!
Price us $ 290
Participant 1 to 15 people
Free transport sanur area

Soap carving Lessons


How to make soap carving?

Soap carving is fun and easy to create sculptures from bar of soap as opposed to fruit, wood and stone carving, which is more easy to carve by knife and chisel, anyone from children to adult can enjoy to try to carve creations from soap. The resulting sculptures can then displayed or used as soap for take a bath Have fun!

Price us $ 20 per session per person Transport and meal not included
Lessons start daily 8am to 5 pm

Wood Carving Lessons

Lesson Tours is one of unique to learn the comprehensive range of Balinese Cultures. It provides a short course of Balinese Wood
Carving and fruit Carving where you will have a different and unique experience during your vacation in the beautiful Island of Bali
Performing artist will guide you step by step from a log of wood to a final unique masterpiece .
No experience required
All art material and fruits provided

PRICE us$20 per person for one session
LESSONS DAILY 08.00 am to 6 pm

Build a kite and fly it like Balinese

When you are in Bali you will definitely notice that Balinese people love kites. They are flying them in the sky almost all the time. But these are not the typical kites! Many times they are as big as a human and are beautifully made. They look like a dignified creatures in the sky.
Why not make your own? I invite you to join local people, to make and fly the real Balinese kite.
First we will buy all the materials for you and then tell you how to make a kite. We will assist you, depending on how much help you will need.
After it is done, we will go and fly your kite! First, we will explain the principles, and after that you will be able to try yourself! This is the real Balinese experience, with real people. It's a great, relaxed way to spend a day, very different from all the tourist traps.
If you only want to see and feel local culture, this is an activity you must try!

Price us $ 30 per person materials included (Meal and transport not included)